Feb 10, 2009

Movie 09: Omkara (2006)

Choosing to adapt a movie based on a story written by a legend named 'William Shakespeare' is a commendable effort in itself and living up beyond expectations is truly an honorable achievement which not many people can experience in one lifetime. Having said that; a maverick director like Vishal Bhardwaj (Makdee, Maqbool fame) just did not try to experiment with the idea which many directors would dread to even imagine, but also managed to do so with a great degree of panache with a movie like Omkara. Although he'd tried playing on similar lines with Maqbool which was based on Macbeth, he pushed the envelope with Omakara. Just in case if creating a movie which would naturally call for extremely high expectations within audience and loads of publicity within the media circle was not enough, Vishal shouldered the responsibility to single handedly manage an ensemble of most reputed and popular actors within the Indian film industry to transcend an idea into an unmatched cinematic experience. 

Adapted from Othello, Omkara is set against the milieu of Indian political warfare in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh state. The title role of Omkara is played by Ajay Devgan of Gangaajal, and Company fame. The movie is based on Omkara's passionate love for Dolly played by Kareena Kapoor of Jab We Met and Chameli fame and the annihilation that arises when seeds of jealousy, doubt and deception are sown in the relationship. Other prime characters of the movie include Keshav 'Kesu Firangi' played by Vivek Oberoi of Saathiya and Kaal fame; Indu played by Konkana Sen Sharma of Mr. & Mrs. Iyer and 15 Park Avenue fame and Naseeruddin Shah of A Wednesday!, and, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen fame. The movie also has a special appearance by Bipasha Basu of Jism  and Dhoom:2 fame. Besides all the characters mentioned above, Omkara proved to be the turning point in Saif Ali Khan ’s (of Being Cyrus and Parineeta  fame) career due to his flawless and unmatched portrayal of Ishwar ‘Langda’ Tyaagi. His proficiency as an actor and skill to bring life to the character was accentuated in this movie. Saif Ali Khan set an example which clearly stated that the audience could laud, extol and appreciate the antagonist with equal exuberance as they’d appreciate the protagonist if the actor did complete justice to his performance.

Since the tone of the movie is set in a rustic mode, the dialect and accent of characters throughout the movie blends with the tone of the film. Although many complained and frowned over the sheer number of profanities and incessant use of crude expletives throughout the movie, but that’s just the way how conversations take place in that region of the world.

Omkara is a movie which might not cater to everybody palette of entertainment, but if you don’t mind a movie filled with strong characters and exemplary performances, Omkara is one movie which you’d surely not want to miss.

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