Dec 17, 2008

Movie 03: A Wednesday! (2008)

In Hollywood, a movie made by a team which is not associated or affiliated with the big banners is called as an Independent Film or they are popularly called Indies. In the recent past, Indian film industry has seen releases of many movies which primarily belong to this genre but since the demarcation of such films is still unclear in the India, they're referred to as 'Multiplex movies'. A major reason for terming these relatively small budget movies as 'multiplex movies' is because they're been made for a niche audience and production of such movies became viable only after multiplexes were introduced in India a couple of years ago. Generally movies like these are not targeted towards general public at large but the movie being discussed here according to me should be a clear exception to the rule and I'll try to explain why. 

'A Wednesday!' at the outset is a fairly simple movie. The publicity of the movie can't be compared to any of the major blockbusters but the impact of this movie is so strong that it makes many other movies seem just about mediocre. The movie works at an easy going pace only for the first 15 minutes and that's the time when the filmmaker tries to introduce all the major characters of the movie. The basic premise of the movie is how one man jeopardizes the entire system. 

This movie can be described as a crazy cat-mouse race wherein the Commissioner (Anupam Kher) with his full force and the best men try to stop the nuisance and havoc that can be created if an anonymous caller is not stopped. The way decisions are taken under extremely high pressure situations to meet the deadlines and get satisfactory results every time by one man are inspiring.  Similarly, it's remarkable to see the determination and precision with which how a single man (Naseeruddin Shah) manages to shake the system by its foundation and make it look like a child's play. But what caught my attention the most is this monologue delivered by Naseeruddin Shah in the movie. For the benefit of the readers who've not seen the movie I'd just like you to remember a cue wherein Naseeruddin Shah is in a conference call and he tells Jimmy Shergill to put the phone on loudspeaker and starts by asking a question what do you do when a cockroach enters your house? That single monologue delivered by Naseeruddin Shah proves the prowess of actor. Truly an applaud and an award winning performance. Also I must mention that every actor in the movie does complete justice and plays his/her part extremely well. An actor like Jimmy Shergill seems wasted in other movies after watching his performance in this one.

Not watching this movie is just a juvenile decision. A Wednesday! at no point seems like an end product by a debutant director. Hats Off! Neeraj Pandey. I'd request all my readers to buy the original DVD of the movie or rent it from a legitimate DVD rental service. At least in India the movie has been recently released on home video at an affordable price. So please buy original and help fight piracy.

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Manish :)
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  1. Okay, I've been hearing nothing but good things about this movie, so I'm going to add this to my hideously long list and grab a copy whenever I can.

    Thanks for the review!