Dec 18, 2008

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Etiquettes at work place are far more crucial and complex as compared to etiquettes in social life. In general day today living, norms are set and a behavior pattern existing in society enables an individual to adapt easily and act in a manner which is acceptable to one and all. But in the corporate world dynamics change in a flash. You may be interacting with an Arab today, a Japanese tomorrow, a Malay day after and probably a person from the orient the next day. In such a scenario it's important to know the nuances which would be expected out of a business delegate and would be highly appreciated. 

Simple gestures like the correct way of addressing a person, the way you present your business card etc. go a long way in closing a business deal. Besides that basic areas which require keen attention for example Business Conversation Etiquette or Business Lunch Etiquette are covered in depth and explained well in today's website.

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