Feb 6, 2009

Website 16: http://www.usernamecheck.com/

The website being mentioned in this post is an extremely simple but nonetheless is quite useful. Have you ever faced a problem when you couldn't get a desired username which you always wanted. Most often people tend to either use a new username suggested by the website or think of an alternate username to create an account on that particular site. Now imagine a situation wherein you can choose one single username across all websites?

'Username Check' allows the user to type in a desired username and checks the availability of that same username across some of the most popular (and also some not so popular) websites and gives you the result instantaneously. As a result you can choose to check this website to check availability of a common username across various sites, get yourself registered and experience true peace of mind while surfing next time without having to take the effort of remembering the username which was used at the time of getting yourself registered on that site.

Click Here to visit Username Check

Manish :)
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  1. Sadly, usernamecheck closed last week. I created a usernamecheck clone called http://myuserna.me in order to keep the dream alive. Stop by and give me some feedback. I’m going to add many more sites to check in the coming weeks.

  2. @ GMelton: I'd like to thank you for informing me about this update. As a mark of respect to usernamecheck, I decide not to remove this post. Having said that, I'm sure Surreal Nirvana readers would gladly choose to check their desired username through your website. I'd like to wish you all the luck in your endeavor and hope you achieve great success.

  3. We've release a larger clone in it's place, Check Usernames, which as of right now checks over 100 different sites for username availability and checks minimum and maximum character requirements for the usernames.

  4. @ barrywise: Thanks for that helpful update Barry. I did check your website and I must say, the layout is quite neat and the websites mentioned are quite helpful. I hope you get a lot of traffic to your website through the link mentioned in your comment. I wish you all the luck. Hope to see you back on Surreal Nirvana often.

  5. @ Nadia: Thanks for yet another recommendation in the same category. I'm sure all the readers would be extremely pleased to get more choice and options to choose and their select their username(s). Please do keep visiting often.