Feb 4, 2009

Book 02: Google Blogger For Dummies

 Title: Google Blogger For Dummies
Author:  Susan Gunelius
Category/ Genre: Computers & Internet, Blogging, Reference
ISBN: 0470407425/ 9780470407424

Blogging had always fascinated me and I always wanted a blog of my own. Of many other factors (read: laziness, procrastination, unclear vision etc.) one of the most significant deterrent in my case was the lack of basic know-how of a blog. I think every person who's passionate about something should try his/her hand blogging at least once because its just such a fulfilling and a rewarding experience. Needless to say, it's also one of the most addictive and productive way to invest your leisure time.

Blogger is one of the popular and also the most user friendly website for bloggers. The features and freedom available to manage your blog and showcase your creativity are seamless. And to empower and encourage every reader (an existing blogger or otherwise) to translate his/her own vision, I'd like to recommend this book which could be the most helpful resource and  also the most appropriate step by step guide in transcending your idea and introducing the same to the whole world through the medium of your own blog.

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