Dec 22, 2008

Shop through Amazon from Surreal Nirvana


As promised, one of the most important parameters to judge the success of this blog is to determine that the reader is at ease and can make use of this blog in more ways than one. Taking the above mentioned ideology to the next step, a new service is being introduced which will empower every reader to purchase books, movies, music recommendations which they read about on Surreal Nirvana. I'm sure a website like Amazon doesn't require any sort of an introduction to the readers. It's one of the biggest, safest, most trusted websites on the internet through which a user can make purchases. Amazon can practically give any mall run for their money thanks to the wide variety of products within multiple categories/ departments.

Surreal Nirvana is proud to introduce the newly introduced e-commerce section of the blog. Henceforth, any movie, music, book recommendation post on the blog would have a link which will enable every user to make an online purchase of the product with just a few clicks. Most importantly keeping the security of the user in mind it is important to know that this section is a direct affiliation between the blog and Amazon; which means that although you'd be purchasing something through Surreal Nirvana network, ALL your purchases would be legitimate purchases through Amazon. The advantage to the user in a situation like this is the ease of making a safe online purchase through Amazon without having to look through various search pages to locate the exact particular product as recommended on the blog.

All the users can also visit the Surreal Nirvana store by clicking here . The store will provide you with a wider range of products across various categories besides the products recommended on the blog and will be updated on regular basis. I'm quite excited about this service being made available to the users. I hope you'll find it extremely useful since it's so easy to use. Feel free to approach for any queries and suggestions as always. And also feel free to make requests for a particular product which you're looking for in case you can't find it on the Surreal Nirvana store.

Manish :)
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