Feb 12, 2009

Amazon.com Announces Kindle 2

Amazon has announced an upgrade of one of the most innovative products of todays time. An easy to use, lightweight, slim device which is also an extremely popular product amongst all the reader community. The product is Kindle and the successor Kindle 2 has been announced by Amazon which can be pre-booked now and shall be shipped to you starting February 24, 2009. Stephen King has written a novella available exclusively only on Amazon to promote Kindle 2. 

The features of this product make it a must buy. A glance at some of the features of Kindle 2 are as follows:
  • Amazon provides a huge variety of over 230,000 books which can be purchased and delivered on your Kindle 2 device within 60 seconds. Your device can hold over 1,500 books of your choice in the device which weighs just as much as one paperback
  • The reader can also choose to subscribe their newspaper/ magazine directly to Kindle 2 or also choose to buy single copy whenever they wish to do so. Your newspapers would be delivered automatically to your Kindle 2 in the morning and the magazine would reach you before it hits the news stands. Readers can also choose to subscribe to various blogs from Amazon which can be read directly on Kindle 2 as and when updated.
  • A 5 way joy stick, prev. page/ next page buttons and a full QWERTY keypad is enabled on Kindle 2 to make navigation easier for the user. With help of these buttons, user can use a basic web browser, search for a book on Amazon, search for a book, phrase within the books stored in device memory, make a note/bookmark/ annotation etc.
  • All downloads on Kindle 2 are enabled through wireless connectivity which is made available by Amazon. Accordingly, the reader would not have to pay any wireless bills, commitment plans etc.
  • Kindle 2 is enabled with 16 shades of gray to ensure images, photographs are sharp and clearly visible. The device also allows you to read effortlessly in direct sunlight
  • Prices of digital copy of the books is cheaper than the paperback version. New York Times Best Sellers are available at just $9.99, unless mentioned otherwise
  • The user can choose to get private Word, PDF, HTML, Text files delivered to Kindle 2 to read the same
  • A user can choose to read the first chapter of the book free of cost and accordingly choose to purchase the book if desired
  • The device comes with an in built copy of 'The New Oxford American Dictionary' which enables the reader to understand meaning of any unknown word
  • The user can also access Wikipedia on Kindle 2 to look up on any sort of information which they wish to know about/ look up in an instant
  • The device enables the reader to choose from six different font sizes to suit the readers comfort
  • The reader can choose to listen to the book just in case if you don't feel like reading. The Text-to-Speech feature, in your Kindle 2 can read every book, blog, magazine, and newspaper out loud to the reader. One can switch back and forth between reading and listening, and your spot is automatically saved. Pages automatically turn while the content is being read, so the reader can listen hands-free. One choose from both male and female voices which can be sped up or slowed down to suit the user's preference. Anything you can read on Kindle, Kindle can read to you, including books, newspapers, magazines, blogs and even personal documents.
To know more about the technical specifications of the product Click Here

Surreal Nirvana readers can also choose to buy their Kindle 2 through Amazon via Surreal Nirvana Store. To know more about the Surreal Nirvana Store, Click Here.

Click Here to buy your very own Kindle 2

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Manish :)

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  1. I want a kindle!!! I go through so many darn books!

  2. @ Maddie: So what are you waiting for pal? I hope you've booked your Kindle 2 through Surreal Nirvana already :)

  3. I've heard good things about the Kindle, however I'm more the book-reading type. I spend too much time in front of computer screens as it is!

  4. @ StuntYourMoped: I'm really happy you like this post. Feel free to recommend it your contacts by sharing it on your facebbok, myspace etc or just by sending them an email. You can do so by rolling your mouse to the Share/Save button at the end of the post. Keep visiting for many more interesting upcoming posts. Thanks once again.

  5. @ Julia: Well I believe Kindle as a product is still at it's nascent stage when it comes to creating a market. I think it has immense potential. Asking me, I rate Kindle as an iPod for all the reader community, but I completely respect your choice and preference. Thanks for the comment. Keep visiting :)

  6. Hi this is Iris from Blogging Indians. Thanks for submitting your blog. I have added your blog to our listing. It must take a lot of research on your part to provide such information. I wish you luck.

    In case you are looking for more exposure to your blog, I suggest that you also submit your blog to our sister project - BLOGS BY HIM - show casing blogs only by men @ www.blogsbyhim.blogspot.com.

  7. @ Iris: Thanks a ton for getting me listed on Blogging Indians and also for letting me know about Blogs by him. Looking forward to seeing many more new readers who'd get introduced to this blog from your blogs.

    I appreciate and would also like to thank you for the compliment. I'm glad you like the content here at Surreal Nirvana. I hope you'd keep visiting often. Your feedback and every other readers, is dearly welcome here.

  8. Wow, that's so awesome! I wonder if my boyfriend always knows about this new and improved Kindle. He actually is interested in getting one.

    Me on the other and, I'm the old-fashioned way.

  9. @ Christina: Yeah, this is an outstanding product. One of the most important reasons to be recommended on Surreal Nirvana ;) I suggest click right away and get your boy friend the new Kindle through Surreal Nirvana Store. Did you check it? There's more to browse in there. And who knows, once you use Kindle 2, you might love it so much, you'll end up buying one for yourself as well. Let me know about that. Keep visiting Surreal Nirvana for many more awesome recommendations :)

  10. won't they have difficulty getting a footing in the market considering the popularity of the iPod Touch and the iPhone? both have free eReader applications (like the free 'Stanza') and access to free sources like the Gutenburg project providing large catalogues of books?

  11. @ beltenbros: You've a valid point but may I suggest that the biggest Unique Selling Proposition/ Unique Selling Point(USP) of a product like Kindle could be the screen size which is as large as a book. Besides other features like font variation option(s), subscription(s) to newspapers, magazines, blogs which get delivered automatically on a readers device is a great advantage. I can say Kindle as a product is completely different as compared to an iPod Touch and caters to a different market segment (readers). I can't deny iPod Touch is good competition to Kindle but it won't prove to be a deterrent to a consumer who wants a device to read his novel.

    I hope you agree with what I've to say. Please keep visiting Surreal Nirvana for more recommendations.

  12. Giving Kindle as the Gift? Yes...Kindle is the great idea for holiday or Chirstmas and new year gifts.