Feb 20, 2009

Song 02: Hoshwalon Ko Kahabar Kya

Name of the Song: Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya
Album: Sarfarosh (OST)
Artist: Jagjit Singh
Release Date: 1999
Language: Hindi

Every community in India is believed to have its own cuisine, way of dressing, language, literature et al. Different religions, castes, regions have created a mixed bag of various kinds of art in form of fables, folklore, dances etc. Music has always been and remains an important part of Indian culture.  Accordingly, one form of music which has evolved from the rich heritage of Indian culture is called 'Ghazals'. Ghazals are poems most commonly filled with great emotions and sentiments. And these poems which become the lyrics of a song when sung as a ghazal are accentuated with the talent of a good ghazal singer. Emotions and incidents like love, sadness, romance, betrayal, death and many more are described and delivered in a completely new light and with great impact in ghazals. To know more about ghazals, please click here.

The song mentioned in this post is a ghazal sung by one of the most popular, talented and respected ghazal singers of India called Jagjit Singh. Jagjit SIngh has a string a of albums and some of the most loved ghazals this world has known. Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya is a romantic ghazal which speaks about the feelings a person deeply in love goes through. This song was featured in the soundtrack of a Hindi movie titled Sarfarosh which released in the year 1999. I've lost the number of times I've hear this song, but sometimes the same lyrics gives an absolutely new meaning to the song. That's the kind of impact that you can expect out of ghazals, just give it a try if you understand Hindi language. If you're one of those who abhors the idea of ghazals because they're extremely slow, I suggest you start with this one because there are very few chances of you going wrong with Jagjit Singh.

Manish :)
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  1. Great insight into this fairly unknown genre of music. As an Indian whose parents actually came from Africa I've always had somewhat of a removed relationship with India and more importantly its music. As a child I never paid much attention to the Bollywood music that my parents enjoyed but over the years I've become more open and accepting of it all. It'd be ignorant not to embrace music that makes millions of people happy.

    Great blog keep up the good work!

  2. @ Rikin: Well I'm really happy to know that you liked the post. I sincerely suggest if you understand Hindi as a language, you should try listening to this song. Also try asking your parents if they know about this song and what they've to say about the same. I'd love to get their insights. I'd also appreciate if you could visit again for many more recommendations to come on Surreal Nirvana. Thanks once again :)

  3. Interesting post. I'll have to look into Ghazals. I never had a chance to learn Hindi, but I speak a bit of Mandarin in addition to English. But, I've never let language be a barrier to enjoying music.

  4. @ David: I'm really happy to know that reading this post makes you want to hear ghazals. I'm sure you'd feel the impact of Jagjit Singh's vocals when you listen to this song. I'd wait to know what you felt about the song once you hear it. Please do let me know. Also keep visiting/subscribe for many more recommendations from Surreal Nirvana :)

  5. This is really an amazing ghazal. Sarfarosh was a good movie itself, I have watched it couple of times. Also I think your blog is interesting Manish...good work!

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