Jan 8, 2009

Website 14: http://www.theplurp.com/

According to their Facebook group, The Plurp is a Toronto based website which is formed by a group of like-minded group of individuals which can tell you what to watch on TV, or which movie to see, a new place to dine at in greater Toronto or something about an Independent movie which you'd otherwise missed.

I think this can get a few readers of Surreal Nirvana (SN) wondering if it's just about the same thing which this blog is inclined towards. Well the answer is to an extent yes, the ideologies are quite similar and that's precisely also one of the reasons why this website is being recommended by me. This site in one way is also an extension to your experience on SN because you might tend to read a post on the website which you've already read here on this blog. 

Confused? Let me explain. Lets just say I came across one of the brains behind the website and through a few exchange of ideas and mails, we've come to a conclusion that a few of my movie recommendations would also be posted on The Plurp. Just to give you an example, do you remember the movie recommendation of a movie called 'A Wednesday!' which I'd posted (Click Here if you're clueless) here on SN? Well you can read the same recommendation also being made by me as a guest of the website to all the readers of The Plurp by clicking here .

So there it is one more source to all my beloved readers to read some of my recommendations along with many others to keep you entertained.

Click Here to visit The Plurp

Manish :)
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