Jan 1, 2009

Movie 04: Get Smart (2008)

Based on a 1970s spy parody television series of the same name Get Smart is a great catch. The movie revolves around a character named Maxwell Smart/ Agent 86 (played by Steve Carell of Evan Almighty, The 40 Year Old Virgin fame). Maxwell Smart, an analyst with top secret American intelligence agency CONTROL has always aspired to become an agent with the agency. He also manages to clear the acceptance tests but isn't promoted because he's just too good with his job and the agency can't find anybody else to replace him.

With the turn of events and the agency facing its arch-enemy, the terrorist organization KAOS, the Chief of CONTROL is left with no choice but to team Maxwell along with Agent 99 (played by Anne Hathaway of The Devil Wears Prada, Rachel Getting Married, and Passengers fame).  And then starts a journey of brilliant performances by the characters who manage to keep a smile or at least a smirk right till the end of the movie. The movie moves at a comfortable pace and keeps the viewer interested. Moreover, the director (Peter Segal of The Longest Yard , 50 First Dates and Anger Management fame) manages to extract the best out of not just the principal characters but also the supporting characters of the movie. The movie is believed to have incorporated catch-phrases and references to the original show which would not only prove to be the icing on the cake for the fan of the TV Series but also make audience who're not familiar with the TV Series more than one reason to appreciate the script.

The prime mood and feel of the movie being humorous, the situations, and action sequences might seem over the top but have been executed with panache.  Dalip Singh Rana, the Indian WWE wrestler more popularly known as "The Great Khali” can lure the Indian audience with his presence on screen. Also from the stable of WWE wrestlers, Dwayne Johnson more popularly known as "The Rock" portrays Agent 23 in his own style. Get Smart surely is a smart movie which offers something to every viewer.

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