Jan 8, 2009

Movie 05: Guru (2007)

Mani Ratnam (of Bombay, Roja fame) is a jewel in the crown of Indian Film Industry. He's one of the very few Indian directors who have the conviction to create believable stories, the skill to pen those stories and the talent to translate the same vision which started as a fragment of imagination into a splendid piece of art which is celebrated on celluloid and treasured by all.

Because of his vision and perseverance, Mani Ratnam successfully manages to create movies which are not just contemporary, but also end up being classics in their own right and Guru, to me is one such movie.

Guru as a movie has a very simple storyline. It depicts the life of a boy named Gurukant Desai fondly called Guru from a small village from the interiors of Gujarat who creates history by establishing one of the biggest companies of the country. The movie subtly moves through various phases of the protagonist’s life right from 
  • The time he graduates school and decides to migrate to Turkey, to 
  • The hardships he faces once he returns to India and tries to start a small business in the market which was almost impenetrable due to the stringent government regulations and corporate lobbying which was the order of the day during the early years of India’s independence
  • The blinding pace and growth achieved by the protagonist
  • The turning point just at the intermission right till the end of the movie which manages to keep the viewer engrossed and entertained

Recommendation of this movie is incomplete if two more facets of the film are not mentioned i.e. the actors and the music. Abhishek Bachchan (Sarkar Raj, Bluffmaster!) who plays the character needed just a movie like this to display his talent and true prowess. This movie and a few movies of the actor which released around the same period declared the fact that Abhishek Bachchan is a director’s actor and can mould him into the character precisely the way his director wants him to. He played the character so well that every viewer accepted the fact that probably nobody else could've played the part as well as he did. I’d want to bring audience’s attention to the pre-climax speech delivered by Abhishek when he is being prosecuted. Stupendous dialogue delivery personified. Guru, in more ways than one was a turning point in Abhishek’s career after his yet another critically acclaimed performance in yet another Mani Ratnam movie called Yuva. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Taal, and Bride & Prejudice) who plays Abhishek’s love interest in the movie portrays a role of a perfect soul mate. Other actors like Mithun Chakraborty, R. Madhavan, Vidya Balan amongst others do complete justice to their roles.

A. R. Rahaman who’s rightly called a genius in his own right holds the credit for music in the movie. The soundtrack of this movie adds an additional flavor to the story. A special appearance made by Mallika Sherawat for a song (Mayya Mayya sung by Maryem Tollar) in the movie is people’s favorite since it’s so unique and different as compared to the regular Hindi movie soundtracks. Also the background score compliments the mood and is a perfect fit.

Although needless to say but to sum it all up, Guru the movie must not be missed because no reason is good enough.

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