Dec 1, 2008

YOU can help save Mumbai from the next terrorist attck. Continue reading to know more

The recent attacks in Mumbai has left everyone shell shocked and agitated. At the same time there's also a sense of fear and helplessness which is being felt by public at large due to the inept behavior of the politicians. Reactions observed at various levels (announcing military rule, abandon paying taxes, etc) are sending a clear message to the government that we've had enough and we don't wish to see even a single Mumbaikar or Indian being hurt with a pin without a reason, leave alone people at large losing lives due to another terrorist attack. It's just disgusting to watch when a city/ town all over our country keeps getting attacked almost every month. Bomb blasts are being treated as if they are just firecrackers by heavily protected, power hungry, greed driven clan of insensitive, irreverent, incapable and irrational twits.

Although this incident has clearly displayed the valor of the police (the rather infamous team who are otherwise written about with huge proportions of snide remarks, portrayed and looked upon with disgust), the armed forces, various other teams who faced the rodents of the society in the eye and willingly chose to  fight for their country. These brave souls weren't supporters/ followers of any political party; nor were they making speeches about their state, minority or religion. They were INDIANS fighting to save lives of people they don't know, people they might never see or meet in their lives (if they managed to keep themselves alive in the time of crisis). I must not forget to mention the efforts put in and the acts of bravery of various unsung heroes (hotel staff who made security of guests a priority over their own lives, general public who were trapped in the hotels at the time of terror) who were fighting with time and circumstances. Simultaneously, it also gave us Mumbaikars yet another reason which we didn't really opt for to display our never ending spirit. It's quite evident that all of us are quite bored and aren't as proud as we were earlier to display our spirit because every body feels that the term has probably lost it's meaning or is being taken for granted after being used, reused and also abused after every horrifying incident which haunts the city. To summarize the truest emotion every person walking on the street feels that the country is being taken for a ride. Just because we've the spirit doesn't give others a reason to exploit the same at their whims and fancies. 

I would like to mention a point which captured my thought while I was watching a debate related to the matter of concern. It's futile to point fingers at a particular group of ministers who're being blamed and are being held responsible for the event.  It's just merely their bad luck that they were the men who were at various positions when the incident took place. Had there been anybody else, the end result would not have been significantly different. We must also not forget that these are the same people who've not been chosen at random but have been elected democratically by us. So lets not waste our energy and time replacing one set of useless incompetent candidates with another or stop discussing over comparatively trivial areas (people roaming in Taj with film directors or some one else passing a comment which even a kid can determine inappropriate in a situation like ours).

After having witnessed the situation the way it was being covered as a sport event and after getting a bird's eye view on the situation it's not difficult to conclude that the problem is so much more deep rooted than it seems. What we need is a dynamic action plan which would be assertive, goal oriented and most importantly independent from the cobwebs of complicated proceedings because simplicity and a structured format would help create more transparencies in the system. Frivolous and mediocre assurances which we've been provided in handsome dosages after every tragic situation has resulted in  creating a structure which crumbles like house of cards with just a sneeze. Also it's evident that we citizens have to start contributing in every small way possible. I suggest we realize the gravity of the situation and ask questions, demand answers, raise our hands to create a support system and not just raise our fingers to blame, point, and/or make expressions which just denote our anger but doesn't provide any significant inputs which result in a paradigm change. Look out for avenues where you can volunteer, speak to your friends about topics of critical national importance and not just sports, movies, technology games et al. 

To make things easier I can suggest one area which is called 'EYES & EARS' which is a fresh new initiative by DNA newspaper. The objective of EYES & EARS is to develop a community which will report on crimes, suspicious happenings or related matters to a special SMS number. The information received will be dealt with appropriately through a 24x7 control room manned by DNA and the Zee group. If warranted, the information will be transmitted to the right authorities, including the police and NGOs. EYES & EARS members can maintain their anonymity. However, at your option, you can also be given credit for information that is useful to the police or the community. We welcome all Mumbaikars to become EYES & EARS. All you need to do is SMS us as 54567. Please note that by no means am I suggesting that this is the only option available. My purpose by sharing information about the program is to spread awareness and provide a bridge between the initiative and volunteers. I'd be delighted if readers can suggest other modes where active citizens can be of help in any manner possible. What's important is that we chanalize our efforts in an area which will bear fruits and not result in more problems for the society like the solutions of the past. All readers are requested to feel free and comment or provide their recommendations and help spread awareness because after having spoken enough, now is the time to act. Like it's rightly said, 'Strike when the iron is hot', I request every body to act in their own way to keep this fire burning until we have a solution to all problems which our country is facing.


Manish Ahuja
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  1. I am in total agreement with Manish's thoughts about creating awareness. There is no point blaming the politicians..........
    Had the opposition party been in rule today, was there a guarantee that such a terror attach could be avoided?????
    A lot of time is being wasted in 'Resgination Ceremony of the Policians.' All this seems like a drama............

  2. It doesn’t make any sense in blaming the politicians now, this is really a hard time we are now required to take some action to show these terrorists that we are still united and no body can kill us just in the name of faith.