Dec 1, 2008

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Have you always wondered what's the name of the song/ music piece which plays in the background while you watch a movie? The lyrics and the music just suit the movie perfectly and you instantly fall in love with the song in spite of the fact that you've never heard the song before and most probably hear a small piece of the song in the movie. What's even worse is that even after the movie is over, you keep thinking about that song and just wish to know the title and artist of the song so you heart it at least a few more times. And that's where the trouble starts because its such a task to figure out the song which was playing in the background when the actor was walking down the hallway, knocking on the door of actresses room. Well this website is truly a dream come true. Movies are sorted by their titles and you can get information about the soundtrack. Also you can post questions in a forum dedicated to that movie and ask questions like, "So what's the music piece playing in the party scene where the actor was trying to disguise himself as a waiter and was serving drinks to all?" A really interesting find, visit and you'll know why.

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Manish :)
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