Nov 29, 2008

Website 09:

Its websites like these which originally fueled the impetus to my thoughts and motivated me to start my own active blog. Today just by chance I came across this website and I was instantly impressed by what I saw. Mahalo as a website has been around for quite some time but is still in its beta stage and rightly so. I can fathom the thought process which could go into a project like this. Mahalo which means Thank you in Hawaiian primarily is just a search engine but what makes it special is the slick layout of results, the presentation of the same and just the availability of most useful data which is rather presented to the user on a platter. Also not to be missed is the news section which updates quiet frequently which I think is extremely impressing. I suggest you click right away and experience the joy of using this website as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

Click Here to visit Mahalo

Manish :)
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