Nov 29, 2008

Book 01: Anything For You Ma'am by Tushar Raheja

Title: Anything For You Ma'am
Author: Tushar Raheja
Category/ Genre: Indian Fiction
ISBN: 8188575860/ 9788188575862

'Anything For You Ma'am' in a single line is a simple romantic story of a college student with many complicated, hilarious, exciting, thrilling, surprising turn of events throughout the book. The author successfully paints a picture on canvas through his words trying to describe and make you wonder if saying the sacrosanct words "Anything For You Ma'am" can be as effortless as they were for the main protagonist of the novel. Beware, the book might have its few over the top or boring situations but the author manges to overcome through them all with an event or a twist before you reach the threshold of losing your patience and maneuver you to the next situation which glues you to the book and you just want to know what happens next. A sincere effort which leaves you grinning, shocked and gripped till the last page. A perfect leisure light hearted read which would surely not disappoint.

Manish :)
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