Dec 3, 2008

Website 11:

I'm not a big fan of the layout of today's website. It's rather crude and not very pleasing to surf. Having said that and in spite of this drawback I would still recommend this site because of its sheer network and unusual content. 'Wanderlist' is a website which basically connects people who create lists of thoughts which can be quite helpful, funny or just entertaining. This website can be a really helpful resource is a very special way. You can find some really helpful lists namely 'Best Rock Love Songs' or 'Best Romantic Songs From A Movie' or some really interesting lists like 'A-List Babes Who Could Kick Your A$$' or 'Female Celebrities Who Are Way Too Thin' or some list titles which will surely shock you like 'The Sexiest Part of Jessica Alba' or ''. I hope I've raised your interest to try checking this website right away.

Click Here to visit Wander List

Manish :)
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