Dec 8, 2008

Only recommendations and not reviews on Surreal Nirvana

I duly respect every author for it takes a lot of hard work to transcend an idea and put it down on paper only to make self available to the world for scrutiny. Also quite similar is the case with artists, cast and crew of every movie or any association where things can go right OR a mishap can occur and things don't go as they were chalked during the planing phase. I can't imagine a director working with a mindset that he'll put all his energy and effort to determine that the movie/ play being directed at that moment turns out to be a complete disaster. Or an actor who chooses to deliberately act like a buffoon in front of the camera. So things can go wrong, BIG DEAL. If you don't like something, I think it's rather sensible not to degrade the product unless your honest opinion is asked for. Let's put it this way, your criticism doesn't make the product any better.

Well I believe in the school of thought wherein I reflect the good parts of the movie, or a book which is gripping or interesting enough to be forwarded to some one else. Also, I would like to recommend something only if I feel its worth the effort to invest time and effort if one was to watch a movie or just read the book for at least once.  Well like every other person I've come across a movie which I couldn't watch to the end or a book which I was reading but I just had to give it up before I reached to the end. As I mentioned, I rather choose not to speak about such movies or books because what didn't suit me might not necessarily end up being hated by the rest of world. 

One of the example which comes to my mind off the cuff is this movie which was made by a legendary director of the country where he hails from; shot in four countries; with 2-3 sub plots; some really well known actors; and most importantly was not just nominated by almost all the best awards on this globe, but it also did manage to bag quiet a few of them. BUT, if you ask me to watch even 10-15 minutes of the movie again in my life I think I might just choose to throw up. Just a quick reality check at the time when this post was being typed 5580 facebook users love the movie and portray the same by being the member of a fan group and 82 members choose to be members of a group which says that the same movie is just not worth it. So I'm just happy to know although I'm not a part of a substantially huge group but at least I'm not the only one.

I know of people who just refuse to watch a movie until they check the ratings in their local newspaper or on a TV show. Well with no disrespect meant to any body who chooses to do so, I just feel it's just juvenile approach towards decision making. I choose to say so because I can't imagine some one else to tell me which movie should I watch/ which book do I read. Yet another example being, till date I dread to even touch a book which belongs to the Classics, Philosophy, Self-Help genre of books. So, according to me if I can't read any of those books, can I just expect the whole world to read in the same manner? One thing which is quite evident when observed about the way various reviews are drafted is that most of the time the approach of the 'intellectual' reviewers is sometimes cynical or maybe even heavily biased. I'm sure everybody must have come across totally contrasting reviews of the same movie written by two different reviewers. One who probably can't stop praising the performances, the sets, the dances of the movie and the other who emasculates the movie by discussing the weak story line, patchy direction and camera placements or other technical factors! In such a case I can just imagine the plight of the reader.

Having said that, I think sharing the truest point of view without being extremely judgmental or cynical is the win-win situation. If I like something; I recommend it to everybody using this blog and if I don't like something for my set of reasons which might or might not seem rational to all would be saved for discussions in smaller forums. Also in the same breath let me assure you that I'm in between a thought process wherein I'd be mentioning my reasons of liking/ disliking a particular area but that would be a completely different form of post series which I plan to introduce with time. For now, I hope you enjoy the recommendations which get posted on Surreal Nirvana. Feel free to give in your regular feedback which helps providing with more content you'd like to see/ read in the future. After all, the efforts put in don't suffice if they don't add value or make you feel content after having spent your time in here.

Manish :)
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