Dec 12, 2008

Movie 01: Death Race (2008)

I recently saw a show on TV wherein two "Chicks" were trying to review a movie like Death Race. Now I don't really have a problem with the chicks, but I sure do have a major problem with the review. They couldn't stop talking about how the characters didn't look interested while they were performing their roles or how the feel of the movie was just not correct technically and how the look of the prison and inmates resembled a TV Series. I couldn't stop wondering if they were talking about the same movie, because according to me the strongest part about Death Race is the plot and how conveniently that was skipped by a mention of just one sentence. I guess they just saw the movie on a pirated DVD or probably when they were busy getting their make-up done.

Besides all other things the movie is mainly about this unique race which takes place in a penitentiary and wherein selected inmates race against each other with cars which are enabled with various offense and defense options. The race is designed over three stages and the various surprise elements which are introduced throughout the movie (a surprise not to be mentioned which is introduced in the second stage; the way the final stage ends) do a great job keeping the viewer glued to their seat. Jason Statham who has been showing his marvel behind the wheel in movies like Transporter, The Italian Job is joined by other racers like Tyrese Gibson which just make the whole package not to be missed experience. The soundtrack of the movie adds an extra dimension to the overall movie viewing experience. Also a special mention of Natalie Martinez is essential. She plays the navigator to Jason Statham but looks Oh-so-great throughout the movie. Every second when she is on the screen, it's truly a breath stopping moment. This movie would surely loved by viewers who can't get enough of cars, action, Natalie Martinez, thrills, races all packed in a watertight script.

Manish :)
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