Dec 13, 2008

Movie 02: Wall-E (2008)

I have always been a big fan of animated movies and hence you might find many more animated movie recommendations in times to come. The magnetic factor in an animated movie is that the movie appeals to all ages. Commercial animated movies are generally clean, funny, and really creative. Since the boundaries and limitations of a regular motion picture don't create boundaries for animated movies the main premise of the movies can tend to be over the top and some of the themes created by developers in the recent years are really inspiring.

Moving on with the current post, 'Wall-E' is primarily an animated love story and the main protagonists of the movie are robots. The movie is set in a future where people don't live on earth anymore. Consumerism and generation of enormous amounts of non-recyclable waste makes Earth unsuitable for human civilization and hence all the human population of the planet now live in space on human star-liner called Axiom. After 700 years Wall-E is the last robot left who keeps trying to dispose heaps of waste. The fist 20 minutes of the movie are a delight. It's phenomenal to watch how the robot generates sky scrappers out of disposed waste; collects and assembles knick knacks during his regular day on the job; and at the end of the day retires and calls it a day only after watching old musical film 'Hello Dolly!'. Life takes a twist in Wall-E's mundane life when a spaceship lands on Earth and a new robot 'Eva' is introduced. And then what follows is the main premise of the story which would rather not be revealed. 'Wall-E' is a special movie and is totally distinct as compared to other animated movies. What makes it special is the sheer brilliance through which communication between robots is depicted. 'Wall-E' has features of romantic, sci-fi, comedy, and obviously animated movies all rolled together in an absolutely lovable package.

Manish :)
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  1. Old post, I know, but I like going through other people's blogs and attacking them with comments. :p

    That said, I'm surprised to find this movie here! You normally don't find Pixar movies in the blogworld, at least not to my experience. But I consider this Pixar's finest and one of my favourite movies! If one wants to talk about universal appeal, we got my 47 year old action-loving uncle to watch it, and he loved it!