Nov 15, 2008

So what is this blog all about?

Hey all,

I'm sure you must be wondering what is this blog all about. Well without complicating or diluting the whole idea, I would skip the jargon and long complicated explanations and tell you in simple words that this blog is my way to express, interact, communicate, ideate with YOU.

I plan to post information about websites, books, magazines, movies, a music album, people in general, a product, place, restaurant etc. You might wonder what's so great about all of the things which I've just mentioned. Well I'm not sure if I can communicate the core idea which motivated me and helped me conceive this blog but I'm sure I'll try my best to make your visit to this blog worthwhile. And I plan to do so from the next post itself wherein I promise you I'll introduce you to a website which can be extremely addictive, extremely helpful as a learning resource and most importnatly would result in helping you contribute to provide a meal to someone who truly desrves it. Confused? Make sure you check the next update of this blog when it happens.

Also an important point which I would want you to know. Consider this as a journal wherein I publish what I feel must be communicated across o public at large. Feel free to agree, disagree, appreciate, criticise to whatever I have to say. I can't exactly promise you the frequency at which I'll update my posts so I would suggest that you use the RSS feeds to know about the posts as and when they occur. Don't fret if you're not sure what RSS is or how does it work, I plan to post the easiest options to use a RSS feed soon.

Well that's about it from me for now. Hope you enjoy the time you spend in here. B'Bye, take care, keep smiling and God Bless!

Manish :)
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