Nov 15, 2008

My Blog, My Rules v 1.0

01. I and only I can make, change, add, deduct the rules whenever I wish to do so.

02. The views mentioned would be my way of looking at things. I don't mean to use this space as an outlet to demean any person/ group/ community. Any difference of opinion may or may not be sorted out at blog owners discretion.

03. Your suggestions and feedback is welcome and appreciated, but you don't have the liberty to complain if no action is taken towards the same. It is not to show disrespect to you as a reader of the blog, its just that I might not agree with you or share the same view.

04. Criticism is  acceptable; profanities, abuses, any effort to debase any person/ society/ work of art is not appropriate under any circumstances. Such comments would be deleted immediately so don't even take the efforts to post them because I DON'T CARE. 

05. Complete care would be taken not to cuss or use foul language to make this porn acceptable and appropriate for all.

06. Discussion or mention about porn, downloading from internet, torrents, publishing weblinks/ websites/ webpages which support illegal downloads is prohibited.

07. You're not supposed to get all judgemental after reading all these rules. They are just to keep pests at bay. I'm a totally chilled out guy and you'll know it soon. Make sure you keep visiting often, refer this blog to everybody you know, keep giving your valuable feedback.

Manish Ahuja :)

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