Mar 28, 2009

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Attachments are the most time consuming part of composing and/or sending an email. In spite of faster internet connections, attaching is till date an extremely cumbersome, time consuming affair. With time, larger mailbox capacities, the size and number of attachments or file(s) shared over internet has increased tremendously. Moreover problems like songs getting clipped, not being able to attach and send installable files (files which end with .exe extension) still remains a big problem with most of the email providers. Sending files to contacts on social networking sites would mean to draft a new email with a fresh attachment which more time wasted to load an attachment. Also imagine the time wasted wherein you're supposed to send the same attachment to different set(s) of people in multiple mails. Attachments or files which being shared through any medium namely emails, blogs, social networking sites, messengers, chats always mean more time wasted online every time they're shares.

A single website being recommended in this post could provide a solution to all your file sharing problems. Ziddu is a safe, secure and an extremely useful, easy to use time saving option available to share anything and everything with your contacts, blog readers. All what you need to do is upload a file, set of files, photo album etc on this website ONLY ONCE and you'll be provided with a unique link which will act like a key. Only people with whom you decide to share the unique link would be able to download the file(s) using the site. And since you'll be given a link, you can feel free to share it any way you like viz email, your blog, social networking sites etc. Yet another feature of this website which might prove to be extremely useful just in case if you share data online extremely frequently is that every time somebody downloads file(s) being shared by you on Ziddu, your account will be credited with money which you can transfer to your PayPal account later. Readers can experience how easy it is to share and download a file being shared on Ziddu, by clicking here and downloading a legitimate copy of a play titled 'Overruled' written by the exemplary 'George Bernard Shaw'. The source of this file is the website of 'Project Gutenberg'.

Click Here to create your own Ziddu account and start sharing all your word, pdf, powerpoint, excel, mp3, exe files with every body without having to waste time attaching the same in your email ever again.

Manish :)
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