Nov 28, 2008

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I'm sure a substantial number of readers would be aware about 'The Internet Movie Database' or 'IMDB' as it's popularly known as. For readers who don't know about 'IMDB', it's a website which has detailed information about movies, cast and crew associated with every movie, TV Series, release dates of upcoming movies, Soundtrack listings, DVD release information etc. The information is extremely exhaustive. Amongst all the information which this site provides, I'm not sure if all readers are aware of the interesting snippets which can be found here. For example the 'trivia' section on the website is one of my personal favorites. Did you know, Most of the cars license plates in the movie '2 Fast 2 Furious' say "Year One" on them. Also check out other sections viz. 'Memorable Quotes'; 'Goofs'; 'Crazy Credits' if you haven't done so until now.

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Manish :)
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