Nov 20, 2008

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I'm quite sure if you are interested in movies and don't know about this site you'll fall in love with this website instantly. The reason being, that it gives you a chance to watch trailers of the most awaited movies which are slated to release. The trailers release almost simultaneously with their release in the multiplexes in the USA. This is a huge advantage for people in India because more often than not, we hardly get to see trailers of English movies which are going to release. You also have an option to view the HD version trailer of a substantial number of movies on this website.

Also an add-on advantage with this website is that you also get to know how many movies don't see the light of day in Indian cinema halls. Although it’s inappropriate to judge a movie by its trailer, but just in case if you find a movie extremely interesting and you do realize that the movie won't release in India, you can at least pre-book the DVD with your DVD rental store. Please note that you can view the trailers on the website, however if you wish to download the same to your hard disk you'd need to purchase the advanced version of the video player software provided by the company. Details of the same can be found on the site.

Well so I hope you enjoy watching the trailers as much as you like watching the movies. You think that's a silly thought? Well I think there're good chances that you'll be hooked to this website.

Click Here  to visit Apple Trailers

Manish :)

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